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  • Double Saddle Blankets | RB Ravens Gallery

    Double saddle blankets 1920s 34"x54" 1920s 32"x 51" Twill Double Saddle Blanket 29"x 60" 1920s Navarro stars. Side A and Side B 60"x35" 1890-1910 45.5"x29.5" turn of the century 1930-1940 49"x 32" 1910 -1920 51"x 32.5" 1920s 1/3

  • Gallery Images | RB Ravens Gallery

    We have 40 years of experience with historic American Indian Art, specializing in pre-1930 Navajo weavings, Pueblo pottery, Hopi Kachinas, American Indian Paintings, and Contemporary Art.

  • Rugs | RB Ravens Gallery

    Site Title Rugs Crystal Rug 1930s-1940s 84"x 48" Transitional 3rd Phase Style 1890s Rug/Blanket 61"x76" JB Moore 1910 82"x 53" Turn Of The Century All Natural Rug 89"x56" Crystal/Two Grey Hills 55"x 81" 1930s 1920s 91.5"x49" Transitional Navajo Rug c. 1890-1910 62"x 89" Ganado 5'x7' Crystal Rug Tapestry Grade 1920s 1/3

  • Contact | RB Ravens Gallery

    Keep up with what is happening at RB Ravens and sign up for our Newsletter First name Last name Email Submit Thanks for submitting! Contact HOURS OF OPERATION: By Appointment ~ Or whenever you see our gate is open, please feel free to stop on by. ​ Address: 4146 State Highway 68 (PO Box 1114) Ranchos De Taos, NM 87557 (575) 758-7322 ​ Email: ​ Send Success! Message received.

  • Artists | RB Ravens Gallery

    Artists Tony Abeyta Jozef Bakos Marc Baseman Emil Bistram Marc Burgerson Laverne Nelson Black Dorothy Brett Jerry Bywaters T.C. Cannon Marc Chagall Gerald Cournoyer Manuel Felguerez Leon Gaspard Ha-So=De Helen Hardin James Havard Joe Hilario Herrera Allan Houser Louis Jimenez Bea Mandelman Ila McAfee Alred Morang John Nieto B.J.O. Nordfeldt Michael Padilla (Oyegi Pin) Paul Pletka Robert Rauschenberg Anita Rodriguez Fritz Scholder Jonathan Sobol Earl Stroh Theodore Suina (Ku-Pe-Ru) Carl Sweezy Andrew Tsinnajinne Phil Vanderlei Pablita Velarde (Tse Tsan) Quincy Tahoma Harold Joe Waldrum ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Inventory | RB Ravens Gallery

    Site Title our collection "I want to be a resource for the public and help create a greater consciousness of Native Americans and their artistic mediums." ~ Ray Trotter, owner of R.B. Ravens Gallery our collection

  • Wearing Blankets | RB Ravens Gallery

    Wearing Blankets 1870s Woman's Second Phase Chief Style Blanket Zuni Serape woven with Churro wool and dyed with indigo. Hubble Revival Moki - 1890s Transitional Child's Blanket / Saddle Blanket 1870s Hopi Blanket - 51" x 65" - made with American Flannel Late Classic Serape

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